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New Guitar Show Goes Virtual, Crowd Goes Wild (408)

(NewsUSA) - Guitar fans, mark your virtual calendars., a media leader in all things guitar, has announced a three-day virtual guitar show to be held on October 2-4, 2020.

The show, known as, will feature master classes, keynote speakers, expert discussions, and product showcases, all presented in the Live Hub. The goal is to connect guitar fans with players, makers, brands, and products in one virtual space.

The cancellation of live trade and consumer events in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has pushed all industries, including the guitar industry, to get creative in how to launch products, communicate with audiences, and drive sales. The Live show is designed to provide audiences with what they want online - a more meaningful interaction with their favorite instrument makers, artists and brands.

"Guitar lovers and players of all stripes are invited to join us as we come together for an epic virtual gathering of music lovers and artists, gear brands and gear heads," says Chris Vinnicombe, chief editor of Guitar Magazine.

"Audiences can expect to experience a series of incredibly immersive virtual spaces, as well as see the latest gear, hear breaking news firsthand, and get up close (virtually) to their heroes. It's also perfectly timed for guitar players to figure out what they might want to get - and give - this holiday season," says Vinnicombe.

"You can expect a truly world-class experience, thanks to launching partners Taylor Guitars, PRS Guitars, Ernie Ball, Music Man and MONO, and the help of best-in-class animators, designers and photographers," he adds.

The live hub includes three virtual spaces: The Main Stage, The Lounge, and The Showcase. The Main Stage will play host to artist performances, as well as master classes and video podcasts.

In addition, The Lounge will be the place for music industry discussions, gear reviews, and interviews with musicians, guitar makers, and other experts. Finally, the Showcase will be a product-focused venue where top guitar bands will launch products and host Q&A discussions.

The Live show launches with founding partners by Taylor Guitars, PRS Guitars, Ernie Ball, Music Man and MONO.

Entry is free during the show, but enthusiasts who want to plan ahead can register for advance updates and exclusive access at

But wait, there's more: Early bird pre-registrations will be entered in a lottery for a one-year free subscription to Guitar Magazine.

For more information, visit

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