Is Your Health And Wellness Really That Important To You? Then Do Something About It!
By Ian Ridpath

I think it is safe to say that we all want a healthier life and we want to make better lifestyle choices that will improve our overall health and wellness. That is perhaps why so many are flocking to anyone or anything that offers ‘instant’ health and wellness at virtually no effort or cost. The maxim ‘Too good to be true’ usually means just that, somethings are too good to be true.

How much time and treasure has been poured into gym memberships or newly discovered tonics, drinks and ‘potions’ that have sometimes wild and unfounded claims or even ‘magic’ one-a-day pills that promise incredible results?

Gyms are great and if you are in need of physical strengthening or cardiovascular improvement, they are a good way to go. Gym activity may often be prescribed by a physician. Usually though, building up the physical body alone without building up the nutrients that the body needs, in the long-term just doesn’t work.

Conversely, doing nothing about increasing your physical activity but simply eating ‘healthy’ foods alone also doesn’t work for most people.

Being either physically ‘lazy’ or nutritionally ‘lazy’ will not give you a healthier lifestyle as you may want. Some people it is sad to say are both.

What then is the answer for total health and total wellness? Unfortunately there is no one answer. It is by methodical and purposeful decisions and steps, one at a time, that we can achieve improvement in our health.

Easy to say but maybe difficult to implement. Total health and total wellness involves what I will term a whole approach. A whole approach with anything in life is rewarded in the end.

To that end, I am not going to advise you about joining a gym, I am not going advise you about eating only hydroponic foods. (Try finding an ‘organic’ chicken these days).

What I am advising is to do an inventory of your lifestyle, health-wise, at least. This inventory should include the following:

Daily Food Intake: that includes categories such as fat, carbs, fiber, sugar and such. (there are some great online websites that provide free nutritional calculations and totaling of the food you eat)

Daily Liquid Intake: check how much water, coffee, tea, sweetened beverages, alcoholic beverages you are drinking.

Nutritional Supplements: Include all vitamins, minerals, combinations, multi-purpose supplements etc.

Physical Activity: Show all the activities you do in a day whether they are purposefully done for exercise or just for day-to-day living.

Stress Contributors: List all those things in your present lifestyle that add stress and strain to you physically, emotionally and relationally. These could include illness or disability, separation or divorce or loss of a loved one and more.

I would love to be able to quantify each of the above, assign a number to them and put them on a ‘healthier lifestyle’ matrix so that you could see exactly where you are and where you want to be.

It isn’t that simple. I believe we all know the basics of how to improve our health and wellness but perhaps lack the will or the detailed knowledge in certain areas in order to make better decisions.

Look for areas that you know are lacking in or you are exceeding in and decide to change them – one step at a time, one item at a time.

I know that since I have started to make small-step changes in all those areas, my overall health and wellness has improved. I am a senior, I am semi-retired and don’t do a lot of physical exertion in my daily walk.

But, I have joined a ‘senior’s boot-camp for one hour twice a week, changed my eating significantly and am regularly taking a proven combination of supplements that have measurably reduced my dependence on some of my medications and I have benefited from all the above.

Of course, check with your Doctor, check with your Naturopath but ultimately take it upon yourself to ‘get off the couch’ and improve your health and wellness, if it is really important to you.

(Note: No medical claims are being made in this article and you are advised to check with your health practitioner before altering the taking of any prescribed drugs)

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